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Photobooth GIF Intro


Photobooth GIF Intro

Supercharge your event with our range of photo booth selections. Every booth has its own unique features. DSLR Booth captures the highest image quality, suitable for large setup/backdrop. O Booth is much more simple, minimalist on the setup and very intuitive to use. And for those of you crave nostalgic feels of photo box setup take a look at The Boothbox, semi-enclosed booth with branding possibilities.

You can also let your guest interact with the photobooth software to pick their Photos mode (Still Photo/GIF/Boomerang), Filters & Frame design for themselves, or by helping hands from our booth attendant.

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select template-icon.png

Choose your design

Strike a pose

GIFs are created

Optional print out

Share to email / social media


 Select your booth


  • 1 DSLR Photobooth / 1 O Booth / 1 Boothbox

  • Unlimited prints

  • On-Site Staffs

  • Lighting setup

  • Custom frame / overlay design

  • Backdrop (O Booth & DSLR Booth)

  • Digital Props / Physical props

  • Share to email


  • Idle hour

  • Greenscreen FX

  • Extra rate

  • Booth branding

  • Custom digital props

  • Photos slideshow on TV Monitor


  • Party package

  • Data collection

  • Survey forms

  • Data analytic

  • Sharing kiosk


Two Standard Outlets (15 amps)

10 MBPS Up/Down
(funtional without internet)


DSLR Booth


DSLR Booth


DSLR BOOTH-icon.png

Our beautiful vintage looking DSLR Booth are handcrafted locally

DSLR Booth able to create Instant printing, GIF - Boomerang and even adding a soundtrack to your GIF.

you and your guests will have a fantastic time with DSLR Booth

Touchscreen operated. It's easy to use!. Tap the screen, strike a pose and off you go.

Recommended for

  • Any kinds of party

  • When taking a picture in a large backdrop

  • Taking picture with a large group

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O Booth


O Booth


O Booth.png

O Booth is the perfect selfie station, Its include gorgeous ring lights for beautiful photos and offer the latest photo types including GIF, Animated GIF, Boomerang, Single Shots, tons of Digital face-tracking props, Filters and many more!

Guests can email GIF/photos right from the O Booth.

Recommended for

  • Any kinds of party

  • When tight space is required

  • In the middle of the crowd

DSCF1758 copy copy.jpg

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The BoothBox


The BoothBox


The Boothbox-icon.png
awwnderful led display_small.gif

The Boothbox is an (almost) enclosed photobooth, outside the booth there are 29 inch monitor to display the Photos/GIF/Boomerang or even your promotional video to make sure everyone knows what going on

It’s good to have your guest enjoy doing their best silly or romantic poses because no one can see them ! privacy matter

Recommended for

  • Formal corporate events

  • Any kinds of party

  • When high resolution images are required

  • Festival

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