booth attendant

Role: Guest Service Representative (Freelance)
Team: Client Services
Salary Bracket: 1,5 - 2,5 Depend on Events

Awwnderful is looking for great personalities to work for our company to operate photo booths at numerous events. Events include but are not limited to weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and corporate events to name a few.

Job Description:

Delivery, Setup, and Operation of a photo booth in JABODETABEK Area. Photo Booth Operator will need to able to pick up the photo booth from a fixed location and transport it to our client’s event (residential/commercial locations).

They will then set up the entire photo booth system prior to the start of the event. At the beginning of the event they photo booth operator will assist guests with entering and understanding the operation of the photo booth. Following the event, the booth will be broken down and transported to the location it was picked up from A good Photo Booth Attendant can be the life of a party.

The natural draw of the photo booth brings many people over, but an outgoing personality can draw in everyone and make it the undeniable hit of the event! The photo booth attendant's energy creates the momentum for a great event, remember the more fun you have, the more fun everyone else has too!

Your basic duties will include:

  • Picking up the booth then arriving at the event at least one hour prior to its start time ON TIME EVERY TIME to set up the booth which includes lifting equipment, connecting cables as instructed, preparing props or a backdrop, and running several tests on the functionality of the booth.  
  • For the duration of the event you will be helping the guests with the photobooth operations, interacting with the guests, encouraging the use of the booth, and making it as fun as possible for everyone there!  

  • You will also need to make sure that the booth is operating correctly, any paper or ink changes are done immediately, and providing reprints for enthusiastic guests.  

  • After the event you will need to break down the booth as instructed, and return it to the office.


  • Possess a valid driver’s license  

  • Possess reliable transportation & ability to transport portable photo booth equipment  

  • Ability to lift 65 pounds  

  • Have basic computer knowledge  

  • Understand working parts of a camera (focus, zoom, etc)  

  • Able to interact well with all groups of people. You will be at a variety of events with a variety of people  MUST be available Nights and Weekends

  • At least 21 years of age  

  • Energetic & Fun



Pay: Rp. 100.000 /hr to train. Training lasts about 20-40 hours depending on your ability to understand the system and troubleshoot any errors without assistance. Rp. 130.000 /hr after training period  


  • Hourly pay rate will begin when picking up photo booth from facility and end upon your return to the facility following the event. 
  • Tolls and Parking fees will be reimbursed monthly (Must save receipts)
  • Rp. 4.000 will be paid per KM beginning at the 25st KM of your trip.  Ability to sell photo booths outside of our company. A 10% commission will be paid for each sale. (Commission will be paid upon receipt of the clients deposit of your sale)


  • 10% Commission will be paid to any photo booth sales you make for the company. Commission will be paid upon receipt of the clients deposit.  Opportunity to make tips