Join us in creating products with an element of surprise.

Awwnderful is a fast-growing startup with original ideas. In 2016, we created indonesian's first GIF & Boomerang photo booth with instant prints. Within a short timespan, we’ve worked with some of the largest brands in the world. 

Our photo booth continues to bring joy to everyone who encounters it. We plan to bring that joy to the world.


Together achieve outstanding result

Be part of our mission to bring joy to the world, by putting an instant animated print in the hands of every single person.

Be an entrepreneur

  • Work on new and interesting problems.

  • Apply bold and original thinking.

  • Be judged on results, not the number of hours you spend at the office.

Always be improving

  • Keep learning. Be the better you.

  • Look for new and better ways to do the same old stuff.

Embrace the adventure

  • Be humble and collaborative. We’re in this together.

  • Own your mistakes and learn from them.

  • Walk a different path. If we can’t do it different, why bother?